When Rick and Cathy Hope were planning to open an eye care practice nearly fourteen years ago, “Mount Joy was just the right fit,” they explained.

“We considered several areas, but had friends here and liked the people, plus it was close for our family and there was a definite need for full-service eye care in the area.”

When Hope’s Vision first opened its doors in 2005 at 925 East Main Street in Mount Joy, Dr. Hope welcomed his existing patients and began forming new relationships in the area. “When you build long-term relationships locally as we have, that’s the most rewarding part of the practice. We’ve developed personal friendships with several of our patients over the years!” he exclaims.

Hope’s Vision prides itself on being a state-of-the-art eye care center, with skilled optometrists, ophthalmologists and a comprehensive optical center. Their eye exams offer the latest technology and equipment, to ensure your comfort and the most accurate diagnosis.

They offer patients a wide-range of choices for eyewear, frames, lenses, contacts and more. They treat all ages, stressing that eye care for children, adults and seniors is an essential part of a healthy life.

Dr. Hope, who has been practicing optometry for nearly 25 years in Central Pennsylvania, attributes the success of the practice to quality care, comprehensive exams and an experienced staff. “We take patient concerns seriously. While it may not have quite the same “stigma” as getting a filling at the dentist, many patients still have a lot of apprehension when they come in for an eye exam.”

That’s one of the reasons Hope’s Vision offers Optomap® Retinal Exams, which feature no drops or discomfort. Patients leave their appointment and return to work or home right away, with no inconvenience or vision issues. If patients are experiencing problems or not seeing well, they’re concerned about anything from “going blind” to “how am I going to look in a pair of glasses”… “We have all the answers,” says Dr. Hope.

“Our staff is great at discussing problems with them, and making them comfortable going into their appointment. As we go through the exam, reach a diagnosis and determine the best treatment, the staff picks right back up with scheduling a follow-up appointment, picking out a pair of glasses or helping with an eyewear fitting. We want them to have a comfort level with how they look…that is important for them in addition to seeing more clearly.” Patients are encouraged to ask questions about their exam, the condition of their eyes, recommended treatments, and how their insurance helps cover costs.

Staff members are well-versed with insurance benefits and what your plan covers. They list the most common insurances that are accepted on the website, but there are new insurances that get added frequently to the list. If you don’t see your insurance provider referenced, please call the office and see what your plan covers.

When asked what makes Hope’s Vision unique, Dr. Hope offers a couple insights.

The doctor will spend 20-25 minutes with a patient – an average of 3-4 times more than what most eye doctors will spend with you. He believes this additional time is critical to providing the best overall eye evaluation and care in a comfortable setting. “People don’t realize how extensively we cover every area of eye care with our patients,” he says.

They provide “24-hour/7 days a week” emergency service to local factories, construction companies and other businesses who have greater risks of suffering eye injuries on the job. “We’re only a phone call away and we also provide on-site eye safety training,” Dr. Hope explains.

Hope’s Vision serves local high school and adult athletes with protective sports eyewear. There are more eye injuries that occur in sports than most people recognize, and most are preventable with proper protection. They offer high-quality protective eyewear for different sports, discuss options with the athletes, and fit them right in the office.

Dr. Hope also emphasizes that an eye exam is something that should be done on an annual basis. “Patients have insurance benefits or health savings accounts that cover an annual exam, yet they don’t take advantage of it. It’s a shame. Your eyes change so much over time. It’s also an excellent way to diagnose health problems that can be managed with early detection. Even if you don’t have coverage, we have comprehensive eye exam packages that are competitively priced.”

It is always an important time to consider an eye exam, especially with kids and college students in the classroom. “With the additional eye strain that comes with the smartboards, reading assignments and computer time, you should make sure their eyes are healthy and prepared,” says Dr. Hope.

There are few gifts greater than good health and your sight. Hope’s Vision has been serving Mount Joy and surrounding areas as a premier eye care provider since 2005 and invites you to visit their office at 925 East Main Street in Mount Joy (near Darrenkamp’s).

Call 717-653-5559 or request an appointment online today!

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